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The law firm of Lipschutz, Alfassi, Deri is notable for its experience in administering and providing professional and comprehensive services in its fields of practice: in commercial law, contract law, accompaniment and consultancy on real estate transactions and projects, in the provision of ongoing support to commercial companies, receiverships, the banking laws in insolvencies, personal status, representation in criminal proceedings and the execution and enforcement of debts.

Our lawyers have more than 20 years experience and we excel in providing a service that is professional, personal and precise, through lawyers who are themselves qualified and expert in their fields.

Our team relies on creativity, professionalism and a determination to achieve results whilst retaining excellent interpersonal relationships with the diverse range of clients with whom we act, and, most of all, on its innovative “outside the box” thinking.


Commercial Law

Drawing up contracts and legal documents, accompanying commercial transactions, setting up businesses, enterprises and partnerships, engaging with overseas entities, liquidations and receiverships, providing solutions for complex transactions.


Real Estate

Our firm has expertise in the field of real estate and real estate taxation. The firm provides ongoing support in real estate transactions, including transactions relating to land parcels, buildings, apartments and construction projects, and represents promoters and property owners in a variety of real estate subjects, including construction, purchase transactions, combinations, etc. In this context, our firm provides consultancy in the area of real estate taxation and in the processes with the various tax entities, including municipalities, local authorities, regional appeal committees and both the District and Supreme Courts.

In addition, the firm specializes in proceedings with the planning authorities in handling objections and appeals etc., it appears before these authorities and pursues the processes up to and including administrative proceedings with the District and Supreme Courts.





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30 Tuval st. Ramat-Gan, Israel 52522

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Enforcement and Realization of Debts

The firm has a department that is dedicated to debt execution and specializes in the efficient collection of debts through the Execution Office. Our firm is linked by computer to the Execution Office system and updates the status of files in real time. In addition, the firm is linked by computer with financial institutions which have opted to create such direct link with our firm.

The firm employs experienced clerical staff dealing with execution files and operating computer systems. These members of staff are well versed in the details of the files and can provide solutions for problems that may arise at any given moment. Their activity is monitored on a continual basis by lawyers. The firm also employs debt execution contractors who act on an ongoing basis and who are in close contact with us, as and when required.

In the field of realizing real assets through the Execution Office, the firm represents some of the economy’s largest entities and institutes, such as the Migdal Insurance Company Ltd. and Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Ltd.


Family Law and Personal Status

The firm has a separate department which is involved in drawing up financial settlements, representation and accompaniment in divorce proceedings, personal and child support, child custody and visitation rights, preparation of wills and applying for probate and the granting of inheritance orders, submitting objections to inheritance proceedings in all instances.


Criminal Law

The firm also has a separate department which is engaged in representation in criminal trials and appeals as well as at detention and criminal hearings and at disciplinary proceedings, consultancy during a criminal or other inquiry and dealing with injunctions for violence or harassment.